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Hallmark Mitigation is your trusted partner for the development of a disaster preparedness plan and fast emergency recovery.


Get a professional assessment of your emergency preparedness and receive priority response during any facility disaster.

Business Continuity Planning for Commercial Facilities

No one is protected against a natural disaster. But having an emergency preparedness plan for your business and priority status for restoration makes you protected against not recovering from disaster consequences in the due time.

Hallmark Mitigation surveys your site and collects all the information necessary for developing an effective disaster mitigation plan. Thus, when an emergency is here, not a minute of valuable time is wasted – we are ready to respond with the right equipment, labor, and knowledge. More importantly, members of our Top Priority Program receive preference for emergency restoration services in case of an area-wide disaster, no matter what.    

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The ERP Platform

  • 24/7 Cloud Access
  • Secure Login
  • Upload/Download Documents From Any Device
  • Photo Storage
  • Primary Vendors & Contacts Easy Access
  • Utility Controls & Shutoff Locations

The Top Priority Program enables you to upload your business’s information and access it virtually. In the event of a major disaster, this eliminates the fear of destroyed paperwork and company equipment. From floor plans and contractual agreements to rate sheets, communication trees, and more.

With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, the ERP program is the perfect solution. We give you peace of mind when it matters most.

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disaster preparedness planning

What is the cost of being unprepared? 

When your business has a major fire or water damage, the speed of response has a decisive impact on the ultimate costs your business will carry.  So what is the cost of time in case of commercial emergency restoration?

  • Further damage.

The cost of restoration multiplies each hour following the emergency due to secondary damage such as mold growth, smoke damage, water and wind trapping the building through the compromised roof or building structures;

  • Costly downtime.

To have any operational money, your business needs to operate. The longer it takes to return to normal business processes, the greater the losses.  

  • Losing employees.

Best employees will not wait for too long before looking for employers in the area that was not damaged by a disaster or employers that were better prepared for the disaster.

  • Losing it all.

If you do not have a business emergency plan in place, there are great chances your business will not recover at all. According to FEMA, 40-60% of small businesses never reopen.  

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Your Business


Emergencies and disasters don't happen every other day, but when they strike, it's better to be prepared. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions we receive from those who want to know more about a disaster preparedness planning.

How are you preparing for an emergency in your business?

To get prepared for an emergency, you need to develop an emergency preparedness plan; call in restoration experts to assess the risks and give disaster preparedness guidelines; give emergency plan training to your employees, so that anyone knows their responsibilities, the evacuation routes, the safety measures, and emergency communication plan. Be sure to monitor for alerts and take timely measures to minimize the damage: tarp the windows, install sandbags and flood panels, etc.        

What emergencies could a business face?

Businesses face lots of emergencies ranging from security breaches and lawsuits to hurricanes rushing through the entire region. Each type of hazard is viable and requires adequate prevention and mitigation planning. Getting into a Top Priority List for emergency restoration services is just as important as installing antivirus software and fire alarm systems.

Why have an emergency plan?

In the emergency situation, it is difficult to preserve the clarity of mind and act in the best way. An emergency plan details procedures for handling emergency situations. Such a plan allows to:

  • Prevent injuries and fatalities.
  • Reduce damage to buildings, stock, equipment, and documents.
  • Minimize the negative impact on the environment and the community.
  • Speed up the return to normal operations.

What's more, disaster planning helps to discover unrecognized hazards and vulnerabilities.

What should an emergency preparedness plan include?

An emergency preparedness plan should include everything that needs to be done before, during and after the emergency. In particular, it should describe:

  • Potential emergencies and possible consequences
  • Actions, procedures, and resources for each type of emergency.
  • Detailed lists of personnel, their contact information, and their responsibilities in case of emergency.
  • Lists of properties, floor plans and maps showing evacuation routes and service lines. 
  • Contact information for service providers, vendors, clients, and other key contributors.
  • Essential documentation, including: insurance policies, W9s, work agreements, etc.

Every business is unique. What works for one commercial client may not be what is needed for the next. Hallmark works with your business to identify what your plan needs most.

We want to develop a disaster preparedness plan. What to begin with?

You should start with a vulnerability assessment. If you choose to register in our Top Priority Plan, Hallmark Mitigation & Construction will help you assess the vulnerabilities of your site and give practical recommendations on how to improve your site's disaster preparedness free of charge. Once you have compiled the necessary components of your disaster plan, we will house it on our Emergency Response Program platform.

What is the cost?

Hallmark's Top Priority Program is free of charge. What we ask in return is we are your first emergency phone call in the event of a disaster. 

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