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Hallmark Mitigation & Construction is a local disaster restoration company servicing the Houston, Kingwood, TX area.

Full-Service Kingwood TX Water Restoration Company

Water damage is one of the most common causes of insurance claims in America. Hallmark Mitigation has technicians on call 24/7 to respond immediately to water damage Kingwood in your business in Kingwood, Texas. Our restoration experts will work with you and your insurance company to get the job done fast, with no surprises on your bill. Hallmark is a licensed general contractor and can take on any water damage Kingwood, Texas job from start to finish, no matter how big or small. 

Fortunately, by taking quick action you can dramatically reduce the extent of water damage to your house, and with that the amount of money it will cost you. Letting the water sit for even 24 hours creates an opportunity for secondary damage and mold growth.

Water Damage Fact


– Number of losses paid by the National Flood Insurance Program in 2017, according to Fema.gov

water damage kingwood tx

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal

Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood damage can be the most devastating kind of water damage, filling entire buildings with water. Your best weapon against floods is knowledge. You can find out if your business is in a flood plain using these maps provided by Harris and Montgomery counties.

Major thunderstorms and hurricanes bring potential flooding, even if your business is not in a low-lying area. If major storms are forecasted in your area, follow directions provided by emergency management officials. You can reduce the impact of a flood with sandbags and other emergency preparedness strategies.

If you live in an area prone to flooding, make sure you have a flood damage policy purchased.

Water Removal

Response time is the most critical step in preventing secondary damage to your business after a plumbing break, leak, or flood. If water removal doesn’t happen immediately, it can cause severe structural damage and cause mold to grow. Structural damage means costly repairs, and mold can lead to many serious health conditions.

Hallmark Mitigation’s technicians use the best equipment available and are trained to find and remove water from every surface in your business. Often, carpets may seem dry, but pads or floorboards are still very wet. We use moisture detection devices to make sure we find every last drop of water.

Next, we use equipment like wet vacuums, hardwood floor extractors, carpet extractors, and commercial dehumidifiers to extract the moisture from the air, floors, and walls. Since Hallmark Mitigation is a full-service company, we also can take care of construction if any part of the property isn’t salvageable. 

Kingwood, TX

Kingwood is a neighborhood in northeast Houston. The 14,000-acre community is home to over 81,000 people. Dubbed “The Livable Forest,” Kingwood was founded in 1970. It is the largest master-planned community in Harris county.

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