Hallmark & PCA Partnership

Our partnership with PCA allows for more seamless and efficient purchasing and delivery of our services.

About Hallmark Mitigation & Construction

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction specializes in emergency disaster restoration and reconstruction. Between mold, water, fire, smoke, and structural damage, we have over twenty-five years of experience in the commercial disaster restoration industry. Noteworthy projects include repairs and restoration for schools, multi-story buildings, municipal buildings, retail stores, and industrial workspaces. Hallmark Mitigation & Construction works closely with vendors to repair and restore properties of all sizes and functions.

What Is PCA?

Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) awards “best value” contracts on behalf of educational institutions and local, state, and federal agencies; Indian tribal governments, and non-profit organizations. Based on the foundations of integrity and saving its members money, PCA upholds the highest and most stringent ethical standards of public procurement.

Although membership with PCA is free, its benefits are priceless. Thanks to their expertise, PCA recognizes the demands placed upon purchasing departments for time, staff, and knowledge. As such, PCA leverages experience with contracts, purchasing, and writing RFP and RFQ to bring innovative contracts to its members.

Furthermore, the Purchasing Cooperative of America gives you direct access to vendors. Each vendor has been assessed thoroughly through solicitation response and evaluation. PCA ensures that any contract you are awarded meets all Texas purchasing and contracting regulations.

purchasing cooperative of america

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction and PCA Contracts

View Our PCA Page

Below, you’ll find a listing of all our Purchasing Cooperative of America contracts. We are constantly updating this list as new contracts are awarded so be sure to check back frequently. For more information about Hallmark Mitigation & Construction’s partnership with the Purchasing Cooperative of America, please visit our PCA page linked above.