Water Damage New Caney TX

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction is a local disaster restoration company servicing New Caney, TX and the surrounding area.

New Caney TX Water Restoration Services

New Caney and the surrounding areas deal with water related disasters every year. Because of this, it’s important to get to know a water damage New Caney restoration company in your are that you can trust. When dealing with the resulting damages of a water related disaster, it’s vitally important to act quickly to remove the water and address the issue before the damages can spread any further.

What is important to remember is that water damage New Caney acts quickly, and that the cause of the damage can vary greatly. Because of these facts, you need a water restoration company that can handle a wide range of repairs, while also being available when you need them. At Hallmark Mitigation & Construction, we offer 24 hour emergency response services, 365 days a year. We also have more than 25 years of experience in the water restoration and construction industries, which make us the ideal water damage company to call when your property has water damage New Caney.

Water Damage New Caney TX Restoration Process


– We will send a certified water damage specialist to your property to immediately conduct a free inspection.


– Our water extraction team will work around the clock to remove all the water from within your property as quickly as possible.


– Overly saturated materials can spread the damage, so we will work to strategically remove any irreparably damaged materials.


– As a licensed general contractor you can trust Hallmark to make any repairs needed to fully restore your property.

Water Damage New Caney TX

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal

New Caney TX Water Removal Services

One thing remains consistent across all of the common causes of water damage New Caney – water removal services are needed to be able to return the space to its pre-loss condition. Luckily, Hallmark Mitigation & Construction specializes in water extraction and water removal services. We respond 24/7 to provide fast water extraction services that spare you the hassle of structural instability, collapsed ceilings, mold growth, and other dangerous issues.

Our team has the proper water extraction equipment to fully eliminate moisture from your space in a flash. With the help of water removal vacuums, pumps, and water extraction mats, we suck up the water damage New Caney to save you property. It is no surprise that we are the most trusted water removal company in New Caney TX and beyond. 

common causes of water damage

Common Causes Of Water Damage New Caney TX

Water damage New Caney can come in many different forms, and the resulting cleanup and restoration depends greatly on the cause of the water damage. Some of the most common causes we see include:

– Flooding

– Heavy Rains

– Malfunctioning Appliances

– Burst Pipes

– Sewage Backup

New Caney TX Water Damage Repairs

The water damage repairs team at Hallmark Mitigation & Construction have over 25 years of experience restoring New Caney, Texas businesses from all types of water damage New Caney. As a licensed general contractor, we have the ability to complete the water damage repairs process without the need to hire on any third party contractors. We have the equipment, and know how, to handle any level of water damage repairs, from small plumbing fixes to large scal reconstruction projects, and everything in between.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you recover from water damage to your New Caney business property. We are your trusted water damage repairs provider in the area and won’t stop until your property is back to its pre-loss condition.

New Caney, TX

New Caney, TX is an unincorporated community of just under 20 thousand, located on the northern edge of the Houston metropolitan area. Following the establishment of the East & West Texas Railroad, New Caney was among the first towns to pop up in the area. Water Damage Restoration in New Caney

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