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24/7 Emergency Tree Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services

When a storm strikes, it can cause severe damage to properties, including commercial buildings,and power lines. There are different forms of storm damage such as tree damage, lightning, strong winds causing blow-over. One of the most common damages from a storm is tree damage. Storm damage to a healthy tree can cause severe property damage if a tree falls on the roof of your office building. Severe signs of tree damage/rotting after the storm includes big broken branches, splitting, or cracking of the trunk, and splitting crotches and removal of bark. Strong winds, heavy ice storms, and lightning are the most common causes of storm damage to the trees.

Tree damage resulting in the falling of the trees is one of the primary reasons for damaged roofs after a storm. According to the statistics published by the National Storm Damage Center, fallen trees cost more than $1 billion in property damage every year. Almost a year after Hurricane Harvey, the Houston area started seeing many of their trees start losing their leaves and dying. Being called – ‘Zombie Trees’ these dead and weak trees cause additional risk to properties at the risk of falling.



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Tree Cleanup

Clean-up of fallen trees after a storm is a project that needs to be completed by a professional company such as a disaster restoration company. The tree cleanup process requires the use of a chainsaw and other relevant equipment. If you are not experienced in using heavy equipment, it is always recommended to have the cleanup process carried out by a competent professional. Self-attempt to tree repairs or tree removal is one of the most dangerous mistakes most people make after tree damage because of the storm. There is a significant risk of injuring yourself during tree repair or tree removal, especially after wind and storm damage.

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Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs

Before a major storm, it is always a good idea to check the signs of tree damage/rotting in the trees on and around your property to make sure they are healthy or address tree repairs as needed. The major signs of tree damage/rotting include insect infestations, dead branches, or weak branches attached by a thread, hollowing of a tree from the inside and leaking sap. A severe storm can also cause tree damage to a healthy tree. After the storm, you should also look for signs of tree damage/rotting such as visible trees leaning after the storm, cracking of lower trunk or splitting of large stems from the tree and severed or damaged roots.

Storm Damage F.A.Q.

A tree falling on your commercial proeprty can be very scary, there are a lot of questions we get asked and here are some of the most common.

Who does tree removal?

We would recommend speaking with a professional arborist in your area to remove the tree. Once that has been completed Hallmark can come in and help you with the rest.

Do you offer complete tree damage repair?

Yes, once the tree is removed, we can come out and securely board up your home if needed to protect your space from any secondary damages such as weather before we begin the actual repairs process.

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