Commercial Construction Houston TX

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction has more than 25 years of commercial building construction experience.

Houston TX Commerical Construction Company

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction has been in the commercial construction Houston TX industry for over 25 years. This level of experience sets us apart and has allowed us to hire the best contractors in the industry, that guarantees you the best possible result, no matter what your building needs are. Every structure, schedule, and contract is treated as its own unique project, and this attention to detail ensures that we are giving each customer the best option for their wants and needs. We are your trusted choice for commercial construction Houston TX.

Commercial Construction Houston TX

Commercial Construction HOuston Management Services

When you are looking to hire a professional team to help them manage your commercial construction Houston TX project, but also want to maintain control over it, an at risk, with or without a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is among your best options for delivery methods. With commercial management, contractors can quote the cost of general conditions and mark-up rate on job costs, and after an agreement is reached the contractor solicits bids from subcontractors.



  • Because the construction team can be formed early in the design process, the design and construction process can overlap, which will inevitably save time and money.
  • With the many phases of commercial construction overlapping, there will be more direct communication between all parties, which generally results in a smoother build with less miscommunication.
  • Tends to be more consistent and collaborative than traditional Design-Bid-Build.
  • Budgets can be adjusted throughout the process.
  • The Owner, Contractor, Engineer and Architect can all work together to hire the best possible subcontractors.
  • The Architect and Engineer don’t have to focus so heavily on creating perfectly defined plans since the back and forth can happen in real time. This results in saving time and money.


  • The Contractor has less incentive to find ways to cut costs.
  • Costs can fluctuate more than other delivery methods, due to economic influence, during the completion time.


  • Construction Management is the preferred agreement when a firm contract price is not required upfront and an ultra-fast delivery is not required.

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Commercial Construction Houston Delivery Methods

While most commercial construction Houston TX companies offer one delivery method to serve a specific industry, Hallmark MC offers several delivery methods for our commercial construction services, which allow you to choose the best option for you based on your priorities, vision, and availability

Our business model is unique, with a goal to help build a relationship with our clients, learn their needs, including New Construction, Renovations, Damage Mitigation and Maintenance while achieving the highest possible Client satisfaction. 

We list a few delivery methods below, but with our decades of experience, we have the ability to fine tune options based off your exact needs. All of our methods are designed to achieve the ideal balance of speed, quality, and cost for the end user.  In order to achieve true customer satisfaction, it is imperative to pick the correct delivery method for your commercial construction Houston circumstance.

Commercial Construction Houston TX

Unit Cost Contract

This option is based on a pre-defined cost of work based on square foot, linear foot, cubic foot, or some other method. Unit cost contracts are recommended for projects where the scope of work required is not clearly defined and when scheduling is a priority.  Often these contracts are based on a published unit cost database such as R.S. Means®, Xactimate® or other resource.

Commercial Construction Houston TX

Design, Bid & Build

This option separates the steps of the construction project, starting when the building owner hires Architects and Engineers to finish the design and specify the details of the project before moving forward with the bid and build.  The Architect then acts as the owner’s agent and publishes the project for Competitive Bids from General Contractors to complete the build based off of the specifications.

    Commercial Construction Houston TX

    Time & Material Based Contract

    This option establishes the timeline along with pricing and mark-up before anything. The Owner will hire the Contractor, then the Contractor self performs, subcontracts, and manages the entire project based on the agreed upon timeline and cost.  This is a great option for Owners that are most focused on finishing a project on time and on budget.

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