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More than 25 years of commercial building construction experience, we understand the intricacies of the design build process.

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When it comes to our Clients’ building needs, we know one size does not fit all! Every structure, schedule, contract and delivery method is analyzed to make sure we are giving each customer the best option for their needs, call us today for a quote on your building maintenance.
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Protecting Your Commercial Property

Roofing & Building Inspections

  • To find leaks that others have not been able to find.
  • To establish if and when Hail Damage may have occurred.
  • To help customers provide “proof of loss” to an insurance company.
  • To help insurance companies determine if claims are legitimate or fraudulent.
  • To determine the remaining effective life for replacement budget purposes.
  • To establish a scope for repair purposes.

Paving Joint Inspection & Repair

Paving Joint Inspections and maintenance are often overlooked

Clay soils expand when wet, and contract when dry.  Engineers express this site condition as Potential Vertical Rise (PVR) in the soil.  It is not unusual to see sites that have 2-3 inches of PVR.

When moisture content of soil remains consistent, so do the pressures exerted on the building foundation, pavement and other items with direct soil contact.  Differential pressures can wreak havoc on foundations and paving.  Maintaining pavement joints keeps them performing as the Engineer originally intended.

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Property Maintenance

Protect Your Investment

You and your company likely have a large capital investment in the structure that houses your business. 

On the Gulf-Coast, ultra-violet degradation and poor water control are two of the, easy to overlook, potential threats to the lifespan of a structure. 

Proper maintenance not only helps protect the investment, it also helps to maintain a professional image.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing helps keep algae and microbial growth from damaging the exterior surfaces of the building. It is also an inexpensive way to help keep the exterior looking nice.

Immediately after pressure washing is a good time to inspect the exterior coating of paint, elastomeric coating or other.

Mowing Landscaping & Maintenance

Landscaping seems like a simple thing and most people do not consider that it can negatively impact a structure.

The structure can be affected by changing the intended drainage or holding moisture in exterior wall systems, causing:

  • Premature failure
  • Rust
  • Rot
  • Termites
  • Mold

Elastomeric Coating & Painting

  • Surfaces coatings

  • Paint Interior/Exterior

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