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We service the entire Houston metropolitan area. Hallmark serves both the residential and commercial water damage market.

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Have you ever come home to find water damage in your home or business? Need immediate water removal? Hallmark Mitigation is a local Houston water damage restoration company. We service the entire Houston metropolitan area, including Kingwood, and Humble TX. Hallmark serves both the residential and commercial water damage market.

When dealing with water damage the most important factor is time and respond. The longer you let water sit in your home or office, the greater chance you have of secondary damage like mold growth. Water is one of the sources needed for mold to grow, and mold can grow after water has been present in as short of a time as 48 hours.

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What to do when you find water damage

1. Shut off the water source – find the water source in your property and shut it off to prevent further damage.

2. Call a water restoration professional – restoration companies know how to properly inspect the area to determine the spread of water damage using industry-specific technology and equipment. Hallmark Mitigation can also help you determine if the damages are significantly more than your deductible and if you should call your insurance agent to file a claim.

3. File a claim with your insurance agent – once you file your claim, your insurance company should assign an insurance adjuster who should come out and review the water damage to your property and write their own scope of work and estimate.

4. Let the professionals get to work – restoration companies are familiar with working with insurance companies and they have the proper equipment to get you back into your home or business as quickly as possible while minimizing the water damage.

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What Type of Water Damage Do You Have?

Depending on the type of water intrusion you have in your home it can affect not only the price for clean up but also the process. Here are the three types of water damage you can have in your home or business.

Clean Water – uncontaminated water at its source and does not pose a threat to people if exposed. Example: water from a sink overflow.

Grey Water – could contain some contaminants and might cause discomfort or illness for people exposed to the water. Example: discharge from the dishwasher.

Black Water – contaminated water that could cause illness or death to people exposed to it. Example: sewage backup and spills, floodwater.


Homeowners and business owners don’t deal with water damage every day, so it can be difficult to know not only what to do, but the right questions to ask. Here are some of our most common frequently asked questions.
Should I call my insurance first?

No, not necessarily. You want to get a professional restoration contractor on site as fast as possible to review the water damage and begin the cleanup process. Your insurance company wants you to be proactive when it comes to dealing with damage to your home, not waiting and causing more damage. Filing an additional claim may make your insurance premium go up. Call Hallmark Mitigation, and we can help you review the affected area and provide an estimate you can use to submit to your insurance company.

How long is the water restoration cleanup process?

Most water damage removal & drying jobs are complete in 3-5 days. However, this depends on the severity and category of water damage. The more saturated an area is, more contaminated the water is, and more widespread the water is, the longer the drying process takes. This does NOT include the putback and repairs after the emergency phase is complete.

Can water damage cause mold to grow?

Short answer, absolutely. Water is one of the necessary ingredients needed for mold to grow. If you have water damage in your home and you don’t react fast enough to extract the water and properly dry the affected area, you could have mold growth within 48 hrs.

What can I do while I wait for you to arrive?

While you wait for us to arrive there are some things you can do. Here is a simple list;

  • Locate the source of water and shut it off
  • Move furniture and personal contents away from affected water damage area
  • Remove any standing water if possible, with a shop vac or squeegee
  • Get the air moving, open windows, use box fans, and residential dehumidifiers until professional equipment arrives.
Can you handle the project from beginning to end?

Yes. We can manage your water damage, fire damage, mold damage and any restoration project you might have in your home or business from beginning to end.

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Hallmark Mitigation & Construction is your trusted local water restoration company. We service all of Houston TX and surrounding areas. Click on the cities below to find out more about our water damage services:


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