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Missouri City TX Water Restoration Services

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Missouri City, Texas can be prone to water damage, and often, property owners find themselves in need of water damage cleanup and restoration services. Water damage Missouri City causes a host of secondary damages if left untreated. These can often include mold, structural instability, and rotting of building materials that devalues your property. While DIY water restoration efforts can eliminate some of the standing water, a full recovery requires the help of a professional Missouri City TX water damage company. 

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction provides 24/7 water damage response in all of Missouri City, Texas. We get to work as soon as we receive your call to give your space an optimal chance of a speedy and complete recovery from water damage Missouri City. We employ only the best trained and insured water damage technicians to bring your property back to life.

Missouri City Water Restoration Company

Missouri City’s close location to the Gulf of Mexico can make for extreme weather events that could negatively impact your property. From storms and hurricanes to other causes such as an overflowing sink, Hallmark has you covered. We are the most trusted water restoration company, specializing in water damage restoration and 24/7 emergency water removal cleanup.

We recognize the need to be mindful of which water damage company you partner with. Hallmark M&C has a clean, proven record of success restoring water damage Missouri City of all magnitudes and severities. You can have peace of mind that we will handle the job from the initial water damage Missouri City inspection through water extraction, water damage restoration, and water damage repairs.


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24 Hour Emergency Water Removal

Common Causes of Water Damage Missouri City


Water damage Missiouri City is a frustrating find in your business. It helps to prepare yourself before this day comes by familiarizing yourself with the common causes of water damage. By doing so, you are able to assess your risk factors and better spring into action when the time comes. Our extensive experience in the water restoration Missiouri City industry has proven that some of the most common causes of water damage in the area include:


  • Burst and broken pipes
  • Sewage backups
  • Overflowing sinks and bathtubs
  • Heavy rain
  • Appliance malfunctions

No matter which of the common causes of water damage you are facing, Hallmark Mitigation & Construction is able to extract and restore the water damages quickly and efficiently. You’ll be back in your space in no time!

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The Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage Missiouri City cannot be ignored if you hope to keep your business and its inhabitants safe.  Upon finding water damage, call a professional Missiouri City, Texas water restoration company for help. While each job is unique, our water damage restoration and repair process generally follows this trajectory:

Water Damage Missouri City Inspection

We respond 24/7/365 to your calls about water damage Missiouri City. A certified water restoration technician is dispatched to your Missouri City, TX business to assess the damage before generating a water restoration plan, timeline, and estimate.

Water Removal Services

The first step after the water damage Missouri City, Texas inspection is to eliminate excess water via water extraction services.  Hallmark removes all standing water and wet/damaged materials, like carpet pads, sheetrock, etc. The water removal process is accomplished with pumps, mats, and wet-vacuums. The water removal step may be repeated several times to ensure complete water extraction.

Drying & Dehumidification

Once all water is removed, the technicians will begin the drying process. This step prevents secondary damages and mold growth. To dry, the team will place dehumidifiers and air movers around the affected area. By generating hot, dry air around the affected areas, it will speed up drying time and ensure the structure is completely dry. 

Restoration & Water Damage Repairs

After the structure is completely dry and no mold is present, the water restoration and water damage repairs process will begin. The team will restore all damages like replacing baseboards, sheetrock, and carpets to make your house feel like home again.

Water Damage Repairs

You may be surprised to learn the amount of damage water causes within an area. Aside from your prized possessions, moisture leads to warping, cupping, crowning, delamination, and structural instability. Without an appropriate water damage repairs company on your side, you lose functionality and safety in the space. We recommend enlisting the help of a water repair company equipped for the job.

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction offers comprehensive water damage repairs to return the Missouri City, Texas premises to a habitable, pre-loss condition. Our craftsmen are skilled at making water damage repairs that fix the integrity while complementing the existing fixtures, surfaces, and structures of the property. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your water damage repair needs. We service all of Missouri City, Texas for water damage repairs.

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Missouri City, TX

Missouri City, Texas can be found in both Fort Bend and Harris counties. It includes former communities DeWalt and Trammels that have since been annexed into Missouri City, TX. More than 76,000 residents call the area home. Because Missouri City, Texas is such a wonderful place to live and visit, its popularity should come as no surprise.

Hallmark Mitigation & Construction is pleased to offer water damage restoration services in Missouri City, Texas and surrounding areas. We service the 77071, 77459, 77477, 77479, 77489, and 77545 zip codes of Missouri City and beyond.

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