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We are a trusted full-service restoration contractor for emergency service in Houston, The Woodlands TX metropolitan area.

Local Water Damage Restoration Contractor in The Woodlands TX

Water damage The Woodlands may come as a shock threatening your business and triggering unplanned expenses. Nevertheless, significant losses and investment may be minimized if you act immediately and call in a professional water damage restoration contractor from Woodlands TX.

Water will damage the structure and can result in mold growth within just 24 hours after the event. This is why we respond to emergency calls 24/7 and come to the rescue immediately to quickly restore your premises to the previous condition.

Water Removal in The Woodlands TX

Try a little experiment – spill just a glass of water on your floor. You might be surprised how much water you will have when it is no longer safely contained in a glass. What is more, you might be surprised to see that you need more time to remove that water than you thought you do. Now, imagine that you have gallons of water spilled across your floor. Removing it might take ages leaving your floor, furniture and drywall soak through. Thankfully, new technologies that professional water removal companies use make the process of water extraction very fast and efficient.   
Water Removal Woodlands TX

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal

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Water Restoration Equipment

Trained water damage technicians use moisture detectors and hygrometers to measure the extent to which the structures are saturated with water. Infrared cameras also help to detect water behind walls and ceilings. To extract the water, water damage experts use industrial wet/dry vacuums. High-level water is continuously pumped out by powerful submersible and gas-powered pumps. Efficient water removal may also be carried out by truck-mounted and portable extraction units. Then, drying is carried out with the help of industrial-grade dehumidifiers and high-speed air movers that make the moisture evaporate faster.  

Our Water Damage Restoration Services in The Woodlands TX


Hallmark Mitigation and Construction provides a full range of services necessary to address water damage Woodlands and its consequences. Establishing a pre-water damage condition takes five stages:

    1. Inspection. Woodlands’ water damage experts carry out a detailed inspection of your property and assess the damage. On this initial stage, we also address the source of the water to prevent further damage.
    2. Water Removal. We use professional pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to extract significant volumes of water from your office and thus minimize the risks of mold and save your floors, drywall, and furniture from further exposure to water.
    3. Drying. After water removal, much water can still be trapped in porous materials like wood or drywall. If not professionally dried, these materials will swell and warp, as well as create fruitful conditions for mold growth.
    4. Cleaning and Sanitation.  Hallmark cleans not only the structures but also the possessions affected by water damage. Cleaning, sanitation and odor removal are especially crucial in case of flooding or other types of water damage causing contact with unsanitary water.
    5. Restoration. Our water damage restoration experts take care of all the necessary repairs whether they are minor (painting, carpet installation) or significant (reconstruction of rooms, hardwood floor repair).

The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands is a master planned community located 28 miles north of Houston. The estimated population is more than 115,000. The original development plan was based on bedroom community and environmental design principles, but Woodlands is no longer a purely exuberant development, as many commercial companies and campuses have moved here. Hallmark Mitigation services commercial buildings for water damage Woodlands TX.    

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