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Hallmark Mitigation & Construction offers 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration services in Humble, TX.

Full-Service Fire Restoration in Humble TX

When a fire damages your business, you need a professional restoration team to help restore your property. Fire damage Humble TX can cause damage in several ways. Of course you have a burned mess to clean up, but there is also smoke damage which will require specialized tools to repair. There may be broken window or doors which will need to be boarded up, burned and exposed roofing which will need to be tarped. If your fire was extinguished with water, there may be thousands of gallons of water sitting in your business , causing more and more damage every minute it remains in contact with your property.

This multilayered damage is what makes fire related disasters so problematic, and explains why it is so important that you act quickly by calling your locally trusted fire damage restoration company. If you own a commercial operation in or around Humble TX, give Hallmark a call as soon as possible following a fire on your property. Our team offers 24 hour emergency response services and we guarantee that no matter when a fire damages your property, you can rely on us to respond immediately, 365 days a year.

Emergency Fire Boardup Services

When you have fire damage Humble, our first priority is to minimize any further damage from occuring to your property. With a fire, the damage can occur from several angles. Water used in extinguishing the fire can seep into your property, into the porous materials and cause significant damage. Acidic smoke damage can cause your windows and mirrors to etch if not cleaned up quickly. But the most imperative step we can take is to board up and tarp any broken windows, doors, or burn spots that leave your property exposed to the outside world.

These exposures, if left unaddressed, would place your property at risk of damage from poor weather, from destructive animals, or from local vandals. By following the most recently accepted guidelines for boarding up and tarping fire damaged property, our team of fire damage technicians will secure your business. Call Hallmark at the first sign of fire and we’ll make sure the damage done to your property is minimized.

Emergency Fire Board Up

24 Hour Fire Damage Humble Restoration

Fire Damage Humble TX
Restoration Process

Free Fire Damage Humble Inspection

When we recieve your fire damage call, our first priority will be to send a technician to your property to inspect the damage. From our findings, we will quickly formulate a restoration and cleanup plan. This will include accurate timeline and cost estimates, all for free.

Emergency Fire Boardup & Tarping

A fire can leave your property exposed to the elements. Broken doors or windows can open your home or business up to unnecesasary further damages. Our team will quickly move in and begin sealing up these exposures to protect your property while we fix the damages.

Water Removal & Drying

If water was used in the extinguishing of your property fire, our first task will be to remove that water before it can do any more damage to your home or business. Utilizing our industry leading water removal equipment, our water extraction team will work around the clock to ensure that every last drop of water has been removed and all of the trapped moisture dried. We will not move onto any other repairs or cleanup until all of the water has been removed.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Our team will then turn our attention to removing and disposing of any excessively charred or irreversibly damaged materials. We will purposefully clean the soot and smoke residue with the intention of causing no further damage to your property. Everything will need to be cleaned before we can begin making any repairs or restoring any damaged materials.

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

Once the area has been cleaned, we can begin to address the damage. Smoke odors will penetrate every porous material that it comes into contact with and depending on the type of smoke it can be rather difficult to remove. Hallmark uses industrial grade deodorizing equipment to restore your property and remove the bonfire smell that can linger for years if not handled properly.

Fire Damage Repairs

Our final step in the restoration process will be to finish any repairs needed to restore your home or business property to its pre-fire condition. As a licensed general contractor, Hallmark is able to make any and all repairs to your property, no matter the size or scope of the repair.

Fire Damage Humble TX Restoration Process

Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

Soot is composed of the burnt particulate matter that is carried away on the flames and hot air arising from a fire. These particles end up blanketing every surface in the fire affected area, and if you attempt to clean it up without the proper equipment, you may end up causing further damage to your property.

Beyond the sooty mess, the damages caused by the smoke is tricky to remove. Depending on the materials burned in the fire, the smoke can vary in difficulty to clean and the intensity of the odor. In any case, smoke damage will impart odors into every material it comes into contact with. Smoke can travel through ventilation, causing damage throughout an entire building.

At Hallmark, our team of smoke and soot damage experts will work to quickly clean the affected areas. Our technicians are trained and certified on the best techniques to remove smoke and soot damage from your property without causing any further damage. Fire damage Humble is no match for us!

Humble, TX

Humble is located in Harris County, Texas. It is a small town in the Houston metropolitan area with a population of over 15,000 people. Humble, Texas is 9.9 square miles and incorporated in 1933. Hallmark Mitigation proudly serves the entire Houston Humble, Tx area, and can be reached for any of your restoration needs.

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